Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pastoral Care -- Home Edition

We're sitting on the sofa. We've done some crying and some out-loud worrying, and some explaining to Son #2, who's just called.

"What can I do for you?" I ask Fellow Traveler. This is partly a snippet of counseling advice from my lay ministry training; partly the modeling of my own pastor; partly one of my own favorite defense mechanisms against encroaching chaos --namely, get assigned a bulleted list of jobs. And I recall that Jesus prefaced at least one healing with that question; that's a good precedent.

Fellow Traveler laughs. "Well, there's the dishes...and the kitchen floor..."

Then she gets serious. "What you can do is help me not give up."

I've got a job.


Verdugo said...

I know you can. You are not alone.


The Simpleton said...

Continued prayers for both of you (and for Katie too!).

chartreuseova said...

The home edition is more difficult. You are all in my prayers.

Linda said...

You all are in my prayers, LC.