Friday, August 17, 2007

Living the Psalms

One of my required readings for my upcoming lay ministry retreat is James Limburg's Psalms For Sojourners. It occurs to me that, with all the medical Sturm und Drang we've been through this spring and summer, we've been living a lot of the Psalms in a very immediate way.

I recall whining to someone once about the diminished or even vanished role of the Psalms in Sunday liturgies, and their response was that, because the Psalms are so emotionally raw, they're perhaps more fitting for individual and small-group worship anyway. He may have had a point.


P.S. an after-thought said...

I like the psalms, but on Sunday morning, it is Wooohsh. That's the sound of something going right past me during the responsive reading.

Its like when there is a new printed confession. Sometimes I get it. Sometimes it is too new, too fast, and therefore, Wooohsh.

Canadian said...

How are the Psalms diminished in your church? Do you mean there isn't one on Sundays? I don't think I've ever been to a liturgical church that didn't have a Psalm.