Saturday, August 11, 2007

Life is Good (99 Percent of the Time)

Here's a Fellow Traveler health update:

We went to Ann Arbor on Friday to see FT's doctor. He examined her and said, "We can schedule you for surgery next week, or I can remove the tumor now." FT said, "Do it now." So that's what he did. From what I was told later the surgery was a scream -- literally -- but FT walked out of the Women's Health area on her own, with a thumbs-up sign.

Her doctor thinks the tumor is benign; he noted that only 1 percent of tumors in that particular area of the anatomy turn out to be malignancies. We will not know for sure until her biopsy results come back the end of next week. But today -- today -- life is pretty good.

FT is technically on complete bedrest -- I say "technically" because short of hog-tying her or shooting her with one of those Wild Kingdom tranquilizer darts she isn't going to do complete bedrest. But we've spent a fairly lazy day listening to my excellent Putumayo Music From the Coffee Lands CD and watching mindless TV.

Life is good, 99 percent of the time. We're hoping, and living like, we're in the 99 percent.


Verdugo said...

Praise God! That is much-needed good news.

And hey, take the opportunity to really enjoy the enforced confinement-- stock up on great movies, CDs, books, trashy magazines, gourmet take-out or junk food-- whatever guilty pleasures ring your collective bells. Hunker down under a cozy quilt and just enjoy being together.

David said...

Good news indeed. Wild Kingdom tranquilizer darts? Ouch!

LutheranHusker said...

Great news so far--you've both been, and will continue to be in my prayers!!!

Reverend Dona Quixote said...


Scooper said...

Excellent! I like FT's "Git 'er done!" attitude.