Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Great Pumpkin, Either

Six treat-or-treaters. Six.

That's all we had at my house. Admittedly, I live on a sparsely populated street, where apparently not too many households got into the Halloween spirit; most cars in the neighborhood were staying on the lake's main drag, on the other side of my property. But...geez. My front yard rocked...thanks to Fellow Traveler, a host of carved, candle-laden pumpkins glowed in the night at the entrance to my driveway and up to my front door. I'd invested in a couple of green party lights, which I strategically placed in front-window lamps to cast an eerie glow. And -- not to brag, but I had a pretty decent cache of candy and snacks too.

Oh, well. It's a rebuilding year.

We took photos. I'll post them as soon as I find a camera cable.


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

We got no beggars either. I really didn't expect any as there were two events open for the children in town. We didn't decorate one whit either, so I'm glad I saved the time and money.

While traveling in Wisconsin last week, I noticed that decorating for Halloween is the BIG IN THING. I don't relate to that at all, but I admit that it could be fun if done with friends.

Tom in Ontario said...

When I was a kid we used to get over 100 kids out. The neighbourhood was crawling with trick-or-treaters. Now my folks (still in the same home) say they get a handful.

Where we live now we had 13 in total but when I was out with the kids there were a lot more out there they just weren't making it to our section of the block.

Our 3 oldest kids each carved a pumpkin.

Annie said...

We had 3 trick-or-treaters. Hubby dearest claimed that my newly made paper mache jack-O-lanterns and ghosties attracted them. One even commented that our decorations were nice. ;) Living outside of town in a sparsely populated area is a real bummer for a person whose greatest joy on halloween is giving away handfuls of candy.

Verdugo said...

See, lutheranchik, Outer Podunk must not be as isolated as you think! Even though we live in a thriving So. Cal. suburb, we got 0 trick-or-treaters, as it's quite the hike up the mountain to our house-- not worth it for just one candy bar, even if it's full sized. But down the hill the neighbors had closed off streets for a massive block party that really rocked-- great treats and homemade scary tableaus abounded. The place was packed with 100s of families from nearby inner city area-- one family told us they ran out of candy, even after spending more than $100 to stock up! So I guess it's all location, location, location...

drcarrie said...

No wonder none of you had many trick-or-treaters. They were all at my house, all 220 of them, which was down from the previous high of 270. Try handing out that many candy bars while going through the prep work for a colonoscopy. Can you say exhaustion?