Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Maybe I'm cranky because every morning I have to drive past a McDonald's where the Ghost of Christmas Accelerated vomited bling on the front lawn a full two weeks ago. Maybe it's the reports of greedy shoppers coming to blows over toys. Maybe it's the TV promos for the Victoria's Secret Christmas special, where we learn that the reason for the season is watching anorexic models parade their concentration-camp pelvises and enhanced boobs, accented by thongs and pushup bras, down runways. Maybe it's the church Christmas events queueing up on the calendar before the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.

But do you ever feel that ChristmasZilla is about to devour what is left of the observance of Advent? Ever feel that we liturgical folks are increasingly giving up on the attempt to observe Advent in any meaningful way, even in our churches?


Jody said...

Advent feels especially abandoned this year, because it starts so late and ends so early.

Our church buys a variety of Advent devotionals for children and adults, but not from a Lutheran press -- A/F doesn't really do that sort of thing.

What with the hymnal delays and the middle S/S materials, I'm starting to wonder what it is that they DO do. But that's a rant for another day.

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Doesn't it all seem worse this year? Or is it because it is on top of the war? I hate it that we can have all this excess while we are at war. I think I would have respected the Pres more if he had asked for a sacrifice because of the purpose of the war.

OK, that is a different discussion. But superficial excess during and before advent has always bothered me.

Tom in Ontario said...

LutherPunk and I have been writing about just this topic.

If nothing else, the churches ought to be providing a counter-cultural witness.

the reverend mommy said...

ChristmasZilla! I love it!! It's the perfect metaphor!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes, I do feel that way. We here at the Society for the Preservation of Advent are considering a course of action; pray for us!

Bag Lady said...

Oh, you're good!

Growing up, I never knew much of a difference between Advent and "Christmas" preparation (of the decorating and buying-gifts kind). I had to learn it in the Episcopal Church.

And I'll admit to messing with people's minds, because I know there's no perception at all about Advent.

It often starts with "what are the twelve days of Christmas, anyway?" To which I enjoy way too much pointing out that they begin on Christmas Day and end with Twelfth Night, Epiphany Eve.

Epiphany? Whazzat?

Widening Circles said...

Yes, that picture says it all for me.

hipchickmamma said...

i join the applause for christmaszilla. for the past several years i've been attempting to coax our family into doing the gifts on epiphany (i believe that is still done in Mexico) so that we can really be present to Jesus rather than a quick prayer before ripping open the presents.

i know i would like to be present to the season of advent as well.

i completely agree with tom--we should be countercultural in our homes and churches. why is it so dang difficult?

Sally said...

Thank you, this really resonates with how I am feeling!

Peace and advent blessings

Anonymous said...

It's stuff like this that makes me more in support of the purple to blue conversion for liturgical colors....really giving advent its own being.

I was saying to my haircutter chica the other people who i wouldn't have expected...were already blasting christmas music in the office, etc. My question was...why is this? My proposed reason....maybe as a country, as a people, we're just in that bad of a mood...and we need cheering up.

Enter Advent!