Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging

Ouch. And the sad thing is, no matter what year it is, this poem is still as relevant as ever. Lord, have mercy.

"Video Cuisine" by Maxine Kumin.

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David said...

Maxine Kumin's poem seems to be talking about the same subject that another much-shorter poem talks about. Here is that other poem:

The Least of These

On a lonely littered hillside
Sweating in the Summer heat,
Digging through the bits of garbage
Laying rotting at his feet.
Perhaps a few old bread crumbs
Or a sip for a mouth gone dry,
Just enough to keep him going
Until he too lies down to die.
And we sit at nightly banquets
Feasting till we cannot eat,
Throwing what we have left over
In a can out on the street,
Never saying a word of thank you
To Him who keeps us fed each day,
Taking all we have for granted
But never taking time to pray.
When you push back from the table
Letting out a satisfied sigh,
Do you see the world that’s dying?
Can you hear the children cry?