Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Send in the Clowns: Jock Edition

Okay. Maybe I'm feeling my oats because I recently, for the first time in over 20 years, picked up a basketball and played -- not only played horse, but won, more or less, which boosted my self-esteem greatly and even led to Walter-Mittyesque fantasies about someday joining a golden-agers' b-ball team at my assisted-living facility and earning some colorful jockette nickname like Shorty or Spud as I tottered around the court. But when I read the following essay, I wanted to take this jamoke and slam-dunk him:

Should Women Play Sports?

Only slightly less nutty are Phyllis Schlafly's thoughts (is that an oxymoron?) on Title IX, submitted for your perusal.

But before you dismiss both these individuals as crackpots, and accuse me of shooting fish in a barrel -- consider that, while they're fulminating in their own over-the-top fundie fashion, their cooler-headed ideological cohorts are slowly and quietly chipping away at all the progressive legislation that gave girls and women equal access to educational and athletic opportunities. It's 10 o'clock -- do you know what legislation and ballot proposals the ladies-and-gents-against-women are pushing in your state right now?


Sue said...

This is scary stuff. I bet Phyllis runs like a girl and was never chosen for the team. It always goes back to the playground issues.

LutheranChik said...

Well, speaking as someone who ran like a buffalo and was never chosen for the team;-) playground take is that ol' Phyll was that she was very athletic and assertive until some Authority Figure told her that nice girls don't behave that she's been displacing all that energy ever since.

Beth said...

I also love the way the essay writer calls female athletes unattractive because of how they look while they're actually playing sports. Most female athletes are hot when they're not acitvely competing. I'm a straight female, and even I know that. I guess it's sort of like how I look more attractive when I'm standing around doing nothing than when engaged in the tasks, which I assume the writer would approve of, of hunched over stroller pushing or pajama-clad breastfeeding. (Or maybe he wouldn't approve of that last one... It's pretty "immodest" LOL)

Tom in Ontario said...

How and where do you find crap like this? It just drives me nuts how so many Christians can give Christianity such a bad name. It's ludicrous and insulting, and I'm a man.

MMM said...

After you're finished slam dunking the guy, send him on over to the Desert of the Real. He is owed an a$$ whipping by this karate playing judo throwing Christian warrior woman.


Trish said...

I finally read the first article. The whole way through it I was thinking, "What a JERK!" Oh, and I also found it somewhat amusing that he quoted "Alex" deTocqueville.. Heaven knows this guy wouldn't want anyone to think that Alexis deTocqueville was a woman writing a 1000 page book on sociology, race relations, and economics. Ugh. *Calming Deep Breaths*