Thursday, July 06, 2006

(Almost) Friday Bloom Blogging

Here are my fancy-leaved geraniums -- Victorian-era painted ladies enjoying a revival. I love them.

Flowers, schmowers -- it's all about the leaves. Posted by Picasa

Another fancy-leaved geranium, variety unknownPosted by Picasa


Nicodemia said...

That is a really beautiful red-leaved geranium! If you ever find out what it is, do let me know - I want some!!

LutheranChik said...

I scrolled back in my blog to last year, and according to my bloom blogging then the red-leaved plant is called "Vancouver Centennial." The ruffly-leaved variety above it came with a tag that said "Tri-Color," but it looks a lot like an heirloom variety I've seen called "Skies of Italy."

KathyR said...

You know, I have never liked geraniums much, but those leaves are fantastic!