Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Poetry Blogging

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.

This is actually a song lyric I heard today at the Evart Folk Fest. The town of Evart is only about the size of Outer Podunk...but for the past couple of years it's attracted some fairly well known folk singers to its nascent mid-summer folk festival. My friend and I had a splendiferous time sitting in the sun by the newly restored town train depot grooving to tunes by the likes of John McCutcheon, Claudia Schmidt, Ann Hills, Kitty Donohoe, Mustard's Retreat and others. (If anyone is traveling around western Michigan in late July, check this festival out...there's a rail-trail that runs through Evart, right past the concert venue, and camping nearby.)

Here's a song that John McCutcheon sang for us -- as I'm sitting here trying to compose my sermon for tomorrow(!), it seems somehow apropos when pondering the feeding of the five thousand: Calling All the Children Home .

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Trish said...

You know, it's somewhat odd, but I thought of you today when I was at my Candidacy Interview. The Panel consisted of the Assistant to the Bishop for Candidacy Affairs, the chair of the Candidacy Subcommittee, a Pastor who directs something (I didn't hear) and a laywoman. I thought, "Gee, that's cool that they have a laywoman in here." It made me think of you because I thought, this could be a person like LC, (even though I knew it wasn't you) who has a blog people read because she shares wonderful insights and creativity. And, on top of everything else, she was really cool. All the people were exceptionally nice, but I really liked her a lot. She made me feel very much at ease because she was just so down-to-earth. So, I just thought I'd share.