Monday, July 31, 2006

Insane Clown Posse: Environmental Edition

So what do you do when it's 112 degrees outside and you don't have central air?

Well, if you were me, you'd be in a state of serious undress, sitting in front of a large pedestal fan that's succeeded in cooling at least some of the air in your living room to a relatively brisk 80-something. You'd be sucking down great quantities of iced coffee. And you'd be waxing cranky about any number of things.

(Note: For those of you concerned about The Codeman, my li'l dog -- he is, at this moment, prancing merrily around the house eating his dinner kibbles one by one, as is his wont. Earlier this evening he insisted on plastering his hot and furry self against my thigh for his evening nap. He seems to love this weather. Perhaps he's having some genetic Ur-memory of sunny days spent lounging on the docks of Malta.)

Anyhow, for your reading pleasure, here's Pat Robertson and Jim Inhofe -- the latter being someone who, just so you know, helps craft legislation that impacts our lives as American citizens -- discussing global warming. And in case that's not enough scientific expertise to amaze you for one day, you can also visit here or here or here .

At the risk of getting all Andy Rooney here as I mop the sweat from my brow: What is it about Christians who insist on getting all their information on everything through the filter of "Christian" media and websites and books and preachers? I mean, what is with that? Do you do that? Of course you don't.

I love my pastor. If he's talking to me about Christian theology or praxis, I'm listening. But I don't go to him to find out how I should vote. I don't ask him for investment advice, or seek his guidance on sartorial matters. I don't ask him what to eat or what books to read. And I don't consider him to be an authority on science, nor would I ask him his professional opinion on scientific matters. (Although I might ask his wife, who actually is a real, live scientist.)

But I think there are some people out there who, if a perceived (or, more accurately, marketed) Man Of God told them what hand to use in effecting their personal hygiene, and included the magic adjectives "biblical" or "Scriptural" in that directive, would meekly tie their other hand behind their backs on their way to the john.

I just don't get that.

"Here -- have some biblical poisoned Kool-Aid."


People can be really stoopid.

And it's too darned hot.


Questing Parson said...

Actually you need to be in prayer for these folks. Unlike your pastor and folks like me, they suffer from a terrible burden of being right all the time.

Bad Alice said...

Oh lordy, I'm imagining a biblical hand holding the toilet paper. In my childhood I ran across a book about the biblical way to have sex. I never knew the Bible went into such detail about positioning.

Nicodemia said...

Seems if its not in the Bible, they don't know how to do it! And from a certain Board I look at that applies to cooking sausages, through listening to music, via using make-up, dating to sex!

How about a series of little books entitled "The Christian cake-maker" or "Dusting with Jesus"?

toujoursdan said...

The frightening thing is those websites are probably telling them that global warming is a liberal/socialist plot to take away their freedom and put 666 on their foreheads and/or it doesn't really matter since Jesus is coming any minute and they will be raptured before the consequences hit.

Given what I have seen on Beliefnet's Christian-to-Christian Debate board, these people aren't interested in a liberal education anyway.

David Huff said...

Man, you guys are having a heatwave up that direction. My son and I spent the first part of this week in Chicago and it was as hot as it is here in Dallas. Then add the humidity. Thought we were gonna faint dead away waiting in line to get into the Shedd Aquarium :P

Place felt like Houston (which is about the worst thing I can say about hot weather anywhere ;)

And toujoursdan ? The problem with these folks and a liberal education is that they get hung up on that nasty word "liberal" :D

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Are you old enough to remember when protestants were worried about JF Kennedy having to answer to the Pope? Now we have to really worry about certain segments of "Christians" following certain preachers hook, line, and sinker.

You can blame the schools, public and Christian, to some extent. Critical thinking and some of the "rules" of logical argument doesn't seem to be part of the cirriculum. Questions and doubts should be stowed at the door.

This lack of critical thinking is so obvious when I listen to many of the politicians and commentators on TV these days. And the so-called interviewers encourage poor logic.