Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Almost Famous

Word up, this humble blog got a mention in the latest issue of The Lutheran .

In case you are a new visitor here: You should know that there really is no such Lutheran as LutheranChik. Yes; that's right. "LutheranChik" is the brainchild of a few Lutheran girl-geek undergraduates working on an Artificial Intelligence project at a major Midwestern university. Their professor gave them a C+.

Just kidding.

As my Yooper friends might say...Holy Wah!

P.S. Since I was told to expect at least a minor uptick in blog hits as a result of this article...any of you new folks want to try and teach me euchre? There may be three dozen homemade cookies, and Internet immortality, in it for you.

P.P.S. My friends and I put together an ecumenical devotional for the Pentecost season. You can read about it here . If you like it, go to RevGalBlogPals, find the sidebar ad and purchase a copy.


Trish said...

Wow, I'm in the presence (almost) of someone who's famous! Yeah! Congratulations, anyway.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

LC, I couldn't find your blog at the link. Can you point it out? I think it is way cool. Isn't it funny when our cyberselves somehow manage to intersect with the real world? On a much smaller scale that happened to me when I met someone at a party who had read my blog!?!?!?!

Freaked me right out, LOL.

Bruce said...

Here's the URL for the article: Congratulations!

RuthRE said...

Kewl, I see someone's congregational site whom I know got a mention in another section.

Yay LutheranChik!

Pink Shoes said...

I'm not new here, but i'd love to teach you how to play euchre... It might be one of my favorite games ever. Really.