Monday, May 29, 2006

The Out-of-the-Loop Meme

Hat tip to Dash for cueing us in on this meme, which asks us to name what bits of pop-culture flotsam we are completely unconnected to.

Here's my list:

1. American Idol: I've never watched it and have no desire to watch it. If annoying music is what I want, I'll tune in to The Annoying Music Show and listen to, say, William Shatner's version of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." Now, that's entertainment.

2. The iPod: Now, this one I'm sad about. You see, I have dialup Internet service; so downloading just one song, let alone a whole iPod's worth of music, is a several-hour affair. Come on, Aunt Bee -- work that Outer Podunk switchboard a little faster, willya?

3.The DaVinci Code: I don't want to debate it; I don't want to boycott it; I just don't give much of a damn about it, when all's said and done. Dan Silva is my "Dan the Man" of thriller fiction; I love his protagonist Gabriel Allon, the art restorer/Mossad assassin with a conscience.

4. NASCAR. I don't get it. One day, a couple of years ago, I asked one of my coworkers what the "8" sticker in her van window meant; she looked at me as if I were insane. "You don't know Driver 8?" she asked incredulously. "A song by REM?" I responded. ( is.)

5. Desperate Housewives: I think I've seen a whole 10 minutes of this show. It was enough.

6.Brittney Spears and all other blonde, slutty girl singers (using the term loosely) with raccoon eye makeup and identical bump-and-grind dance routines. To me they're all interchangeable, like those boy groups of several years ago. I can't keep the names and faces and navels straight.

7."Tom-Kat," "Brangelina" et al, and the celebrity magazines and television shows that keep churning out breathless updates on the details of their lives. I'm supposed to care about these people why, again?

8.Sudoku. I guess I'm just not bright enough for this.

9.Coloring my hair. I've never done it. Now, I will admit to, at one point, wanting to go some shade of reddish brown, which was the color of my hair back in my junior high days...but gosh darn it, I've grown to respect my graying temples. In fact, I find graying temples kind And I'm not just saying that because I have graying temples.

10. Movie remakes, movie remakes of television shows, stage plays based on movies and television shows, etc. Get an idea, people.


Quotidian Grace said...

LOL! This is great, LC. Love #7 and 10 particularly.

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Ha...ditto. I guess I couldn't do better with a list except for those things that I'm so out of it on that I don't even know enough to list them. Probably lots in that category.

Except that I tried a Sudoku this weekend and thought I was great at it till I peeked at the answer.

And I have tried coloring my hair.

I'm probably more out of touch to popular music than just about anybody. Including most modern "Christian" music, excluding stuff by Marty Haugen.

HeyJules said...

this is so true I could cut and paste it right onto my own blog.

Although I have highlighted my hair a few times.

Other than that...I'm right there with ya, girl.

revabi said...


Cathy said...

except for the IPOD and the coloring of hair, I am right there with you.
I really enjoy my IPod and never thought I would.

Anonymous said...

1 - Rocky. Never watched it.
2- Survivor-- ditto.
3- American Idol. Last watched when Clay and Ruben duked it out.
4- Brittany. Please.
5- Tom Cruise - so overrated.

What I'm into:
1-IPod -- love it.
2- Lost -- amazing;cool spiritual references.
3- Brangelina, Apple - daughter of Gwynneth, breakup of Paul & Heather - disturbingly fun.
4 - highlighting hair -- sometimes.
5- Starbucks - the church annex.

Mata H said...

Not Into
1.hyper-pointy toe shoes. I don't care if they are in fashion. They suck.
2. Thongs. There are waaay too many things to say here. (Exception: things for feet.)
3.Blackberry technology. I do not want to be perpetually available 24/7.
4. Botox - why go thru years of therapy to get ones feelings expressable only to frezze one's face later? nuh uh.
5. Having the "right" anything (address, car, hairdresser)
6. Anything Madonna does or believes in. Ditto Tom Cruise et al. Also anyone they sleep with.
7. Rap and other 'popular' music that disrespects women and treats sex as a cheap commodity.
8. Most reality TV - Survivor, Real World, that show where they trade spouses, that race show..all of it ..PTUiii.
9. The show "Fear Factor" where people humiliate themselves by eating things like live stinkbugs for 50K.
10. Paying full price if I do not have to.

Mary Beth said...

Yeah! I forgot about Sudoku. I wish it would disappear. Soon enough I guess.

RuthRE said...

All but # 9 I'm with ya on.

I've dabbled once or twice in the color. It's never something I maintain though.