Monday, May 22, 2006

Hold That Thought

I mentioned on the RevGals' blog that I was going to talk about my weekend retreat, and about vocation. Well, that was a headache ago. Now, I know that the mystics of yore often suffered from headaches that ushered them into close encounters with the Almighty...alas, for me a headache is just a headache; and the tom-tom beat currently pounding against my skull is making it difficult for me to think about much of anything.

I can tell, you, though, about my motel room. The community where our retreat was held didn't have any representatives of the big lodging chains, so we were housed in a local mom-and-pop establishment. Each room contained an Amazing Electric Waterfall: A light box featuring a photo of a waterfall that, when you plugged it in, started playing sounds of falling water and singing birds, while the water in the picture appeared to move. It was quite amazing, and almost made me ignore the general condition of my surroundings. (I really watch too much CSI...but I couldn't help but wish that I had one of those special lights to check for biological trace evidence.)

You don't want to hear about that. And I'll tell you the rest tomorrow. But not tonight.

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