Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One of Those Days When I Wish I Were Buddhist

With a hat tip to Andrew Sullivan :

McCain-Palin Ticket Plagued By Obama Witchcraft!

Can I tell you how sick I am of fascist, racist, fence-post stupid, superstitious, ridiculous Christianista wack jobs?

Dear God in heaven, save us from this freak show of decompensating religious rightists.


Anonymous said...

Ok so we're being cursed by Satan to have:

a healthcare system that makes sense.

a focus on the war in Afganistan, where Osama bin Laden actually is.

an end to budget- busting tax cuts on the rich.

Kind of makes you wonder what would happen if the good guy were on our side, doesn't it?

Melissa said...

I especially love how it refers to Obama as "B. Hussein Obama." Nothing like trying to stir up some good old fashioned anti-Muslim sentiment....sheesh.

Dr. Rural said...

The bit at the end about witches "weaving lazy 8's around McCain's mind to make him look confused and like an idiot" made me wonder if it was a parody.

But probably not.

Crimson Rambler said...

I like "fence post stupid". I've seen a few cases of that in our vicinity up here too, didn't quite have the right phrase to describe it.

MacThumper said...

I think this must be a parody, but couldn't make it through the article. I had a nearly uncontrollable urge to cut eyeholes in one of the pillowcase to complete the read. Fortunately, for my continued good health, it was nearly uncontrollable!