Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chop Talk

I know...too much foodology and too little theology. (Blame my lay ministry program...I have no idea what in hell is going on with that; I feel like the ugly stepchild languishing in a cindery corner of that endeavor. Not that I'm bitter or anything.) But this is a great recipe:

You need two cups of Guinness Stout -- which I've conveniently had gathering dust in a corner of the pantry since St. Patrick's Day. You need two cups of water. One finely chopped onion and one or two minced garlic cloves. A quarter cup of brown sugar, a quarter cup of molasses and a quarter cup of kosher (NO substitutes) salt.

You throw some pork chops in this brine; I used boneless loin chops. You let them marinate for at least half a day. Then you charcoal-grill them. Better yet, toss some soaked applewood chips on the hot coals just before you put the chops on the grill.

The chops are incredibly tender; have a very intriguing and nuanced flavor courtesy of the marinade; and develop a golden self-glaze from same.

These chops are so good that you may not want to make them for guests; you may want to keep this recipe as a proprietary treat for your closest loved ones, on a nice summer day when you want to spend quality time on the porch.


LoieJ said...

Not just in MI does this happen, but all over away from cities. That must be the music that makes the cows give milk.

I'm in cheesehead land again this week. Here there are the country stations, the rock stations, neither being my style, and there are multiple "Christian" stations. Those have some pretty syrupy stuff on them, some good talks, and some music that is, to me like slushy music, little substance, musically and theologically, as well as an occassinal good piece of music. But some of the speakers seem hell-bent on making the listener feel bad about himself, as least compared to the self-righteousness of the speaker.

Thank God there is another choice, sometimes, that is public radio. At least that has variety.

Anonymous said...

"no theology"? How about 'feed the hungry, heal the sick, preach the gospel'

I'd never trust theology from someone who didn't cook.
These sound delicious, but with Guinness, molasses and brown sugar, I would have though they'd be a bit rich! Still, when I finally get around to trying the recipe (groan, I am so far behind in recipes I've been recommended) I guess I'll know!

The Simpleton said...

MMmmmmm. P and I tried this recipe yesterday with spare ribs. Four stars!

LutheranHusker said...

Good LORD this sounds good...please excuse me while I wipe the saliva off my keyboard...

zorra said...

(sigh)Pork chops in the house, but no Guinness. Wonder if Coca-Cola would be an acceptable substitute. No, I don't think so either. Shiner Bock, perhaps.

I might buy Guinness just to make this.

LutheranChik said...

Zorra: I think a nice amber ale would work well -- something like Bell's Oberon.