Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Garden Party Pooper

I'm itching to get my hands in dirt...but this week's dreary extended forecast -- temperatures in the mid-30's, snow showers -- don't bode well for planting, even the hardy stuff.

Meanwhile, my baby leeks and scallions are shooting up by what seems like inches each day, my chard just sprouted, and I think I saw the hint of a young rhubarb leaf in the new patch.

To add to the frustration, our yard guy, who's going to rototill a garden plot for us, has been AWOL for the past week.

My practical, native Michiganian self is telling me that I'm getting way too impatient to plant in our notoriously fickle springtime weather. The rest of me wants to see a lovely black rectangle of plowed earth out there next to the front garage, waiting for me to cultivate and smooth it and section it into plots.

Oh, well...maybe Yard Guy will call tomorrow. Today...I'm planting more tomatoes.

(Hat tip to Fedco Seeds,, my new favorite seed source. They're a cooperative located in Maine. Their catalog is crunchy-granola-charming -- I love catalog writers with a sense of humor -- and awesome in its range of seeds, and their service has been prompt and accurate. I'm only sorry that I missed their rather narrow window for ordering 'taters and alliums, because they have some great varieties.

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Brenda said...

Spring is unusually slow in coming around this year, even here in North Carolina!

Just a quick note to say the Fedco Seed link is fedcoseeds.COM as opposed to .ORG

Your built in link has .ORG.

Nice site ... I enjoyed perusing it! Always fun to learn about a new source for seeds. Thanks for letting us know of this place.