Thursday, April 02, 2009

Facebook Drive-By Bible Study

Constant readers here know that, unlike academic Bible study, I sometimes have problems maintaining my patience during conventional Bible studies. Well...let's not sugarcoat it: Bible studies usually make me want to concuss myself unconscious against the nearest cinderblock wall.

But a pastor pal of mine who's also a Facebook friend has hit upon a Bible study format that I actually enjoy.

One day each week she posts a lunchtime query regarding one of Jesus' parables. And then Facebook friends respond with their insights and questions. For readers familiar with the RevGalBlogPals' Tuesday Lectionary Leanings , it's like a very condensed, amped-up version of that; a drive-by Bible study.

It made me wonder how to craft something similar for a wider Facebook audience -- and people not in the usual market for such stuff.

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Trish said...

Make a group, invite all your friends, and invite them to invite others! :) I'd join!