Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "Five Things in Various Places" Meme

Otherwise known as priming the pump for a "real" post one of these minutes, or hours, or days:

5 Items in my Fridge

1. a tub of Tofutti faux sour cream (which is pretty good, actually)
2. my stash of coffee for the next day or so(Just Coffee Ethiopian, fresh-ground...I keep the beans in the freezer)
3. a small jar of Amish hot pepper jelly (which I brushed over a grilling chicken breast maybe a minute and a half before it was done. Wowsers, was that good. It was well worth gumming up my contact grill. A friend o' mine also recommends hot pepper jelly with cream cheese on bagels.)
4. a bunch of asparagus from the local farm market
5. most of a pint of locally gathered maple syrup, ready for the French toast I am making this weekend

5 Items in my Closet

1. a laundry-basketful of my various shoes

2. a 15-year-old paisley challis skirt/shirt ensemble that haven't fit in years but that I hang onto because I like the colors and because I hold on to the increasingly unlikely hope that I'll be able to wear them again someday

3. the tank top half of a dressy twinset that I love but cannot find...it's there somewhere; I know it is...

4. my very favorite woolen tweed jacket (a Land's End closeout special on major sale -- retail is for suckers), all wrapped up for the season

5. my infamous Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

5 Items in My Car (keep in mind there are, like, 195 items in my car)

1. my travel mug
2. my way-cool amber shades that cast a pleasant, rosy Maxfield Parrish glow upon the world
3. a very ugly black raincoat that I keep as a weather backup/mini-tarp on the back seat
4. my original-cast Godspell cassette (yes, I still have a tape deck)
5. my lay ministry class-notes portfolio (I guess to have on hand in case I'm ever called upon to do emergency exegesis while on the road).

5 Items in my Purse (keep in mind that there are, like, 195 items in my purse

1. a dog biscuit that the bank teller gave my dog, that he refused to eat
2. Icebreakers mints
3. a spare cell phone charger
4. a tiny personal day planner that I regularly fail to use
5. a battered church bulletin from several months ago

5 Items on my Desk

1. a CD wallet
2. a copy of Craig Koester's Revelation and the End of All Things
3. a stack of "round tuit" household bookkeeping stuff that I am procrastinating tackling
4. a packet of Avery labels
5. a recipe I pulled off the Internet

5 Items Flowering in my Garden

1. pansies
2. phlox
3. nasturtiums
4. fancy-leaved geraniums
5. a domesticated mullein -- very unusual, cream-colored with a mauve eye

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