Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Bloom Blogging

Here's a heliotrope from my purple garden, shot this morning before I went to work -- some of my other plants are being bullied, space- and sunwise, by the larger, more sprawling plants like my butterfly bush, but this flower seems to thrive in the dappled sunlight. (Smells good too.)

This is an anxious and somewhat gloomy bloom blog, because my travel pard had a kidney stone attack yesterday and this morning, and is at the hospital about 70 miles away right now. She was in another city, visiting a relative and running errands, when this all happened -- which is a lot better than being, say, in the middle of a hiking trail in the Seney Wildlife Refuge. I'm thinking we're going to wind up being trolls (i.e., under the Bridge) next week instead of intrepid adventurers...but that's okay. Nonetheless, I am on standby. Think of us, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hope your pard's feeling better. I'll pray for her

St. Inuksuk said...

Hope your travel pard is getting better each day. Lovely flower.
Even more lovely the Ten Books - A Book Meme.
You are officially tagged for the Ten Books, questions are on my site. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do links :(
Psalmist tagged me so the questions are on her site as well.
Hope you'll join in.
Peace be with you.