Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Thing

I'm sitting here watching the Obama concert on HBO, and smiling, and crying...singing along with U2.

I don't get too overtly political on this blog, God have we been living in a nightmare for the past eight years.

I know we've raised the bar far too high for President Obama...I know he faces untold challenges in this mess he has inherited...but it feels so good to be turning a new page.

God help us get our Constitution back again. And our dignity. And our hope. And our competence as a nation. God bless everyone of good will as we work together to live through these times.


Processing Counselor said...

Did you notice that Gene Robinsons's prayer was not televised? The new administration chose not to.

Walkineagles said...

I too watched the concert, and seeing all the people and the hope that flowed out of them has made me like Americans again.
It was strange how two men can put a cover over all the people from those of us looking in.
God Bless America.


LutheranChik said...

PC: The Kids called us and told us that...although their impression was that it was an HBO decision. We understand they also did some creative editing of other segments of the concert too. Grrr.

bunnits said...

Amen, amen. This is just awesome.

You have a really cool blog. I just found it through KnitnTeach (thanks, Deb!) and hope to become a regular reader--although, lately my crazy schedule doesn't allow for much of anything "regular." Anyway, thanks be to God for you and all the great bloggers I'm getting acquainted with.

southernbooklover said...

I agree the bar for President Obama has been set really, really high and indeed his challenges are great, but it reminds me of the Emily Dickinson poem - and I paraphrase here - "We never know how high we'll climb/until we're called to rise/ and then if we are true to form/ our statures touch the skies." I think he'll do just fine. :-)

Diane said...

yeah, a new thing, indeed.

I think the bar is high, I hope we can dream big, and also remember that we're all in this together.

he keeps reminding us of that.