Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yes, God Is Real

I found this Michelle Shocked video while goofing around on YouTube looking for music for our church blog -- wowsers:

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Kelly Fryer said...

Wow is right!

In the research that produced "Reclaiming The E Word: Waking Up To Our Evangelical Identity" (just out!), we discovered 5 patterns or characteristics in the effective congregations we studied. #1 - In these congregations, "God is Real" to people! They talk to God and about God as if God is actually in the room, at the table, interested in the conversation, and on the loose in our lives and in the world.

This song rocks that message!

Thanks for posting it here.

P.S. I've written on The F Word today about two posts you wrote last week (the one about MySpace and kids today & the one about Celebrants). I say that I disagreed with one and loved the other. Thanks for being such an interesting conversation partner!

P.P.S. Where is your church blog??