Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going Green

Despite recent cold weather, including two successive nights of hard frost...I feel my thumb greening quickly.

My major project this weekend will be to put in an herb garden in the small triangular bed next to my back steps. For many years I've planted a mixture of coleus and multicolored salvia here; but it's time for a change. I wanted to plant something both practical and needing minimal care, especially since we're a traveling household. And this space, while in the shadow of the back porch, gets a great deal of afternoon light and heat, especially since it's next to the driveway; a good place for herbs.

I want to plant tarragon and dill; lavender; chives; plain, purple and tricolor sage; savory and marjoram; basil; and a couple of different thymes. I also have a rosemary plant in a pot that I'll probably place somewhere in the vicinity. And I may decide to put the annual herbs in a hanging basket rather than in the bed.

Meanwhile, I'm contemplating the strip of soil behind this bed, along the west side of my house. My plow guy -- make that my former plow guy -- destroyed what little grass actually grew here; seeing as how wild strawberries had been colonizing this particular patch of ground, I may go ahead and plant Alpine strawberries to fill the bare patches; maybe some creeping thyme as well.

Coming up next: Potatoes. But let's not talk about those yet.

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