Friday, April 04, 2008

Simul Iustus Et Peccator

Our maintenance man had a good laugh at my expense yesterday.

On the desk: my copy of Eating Well magazine.

Upon my copy of Eating Well magazine: my half-eaten Three Musketeers bar.


Diane said...

that's great!!!!

revhoney said...

Had to find you...Glen Lake & Empire - ooooo, our favorite places in the world. Hubby began staying at Glen Craft Villas when he was a lad - 45 years ago. We've been taking our boys ever since...they don't want to go anywhere else.

Do you go often? We go for 2 weeks in late July and then try to find a weekend at some other time during the year.

We want to retire in the area. Hub has a passion for restoring wooden boats (have 2) and I would do about anything part-time to keep busy (not too busy).

Glad to know that this lutheran chick knows of another lutheranchik who loves it up north!


LutheranChik said...

Oh, yes!

If your husband loves wooden boats, he MUST go to the annual boat show across the Bridge in Hessel -- awesome wooden boats. The organizers also do a commissioned poster each year...we have one framed in our living room.

revhoney said...

Yes...we have been, and will likely go again. It is an amazing show. We've also been to shows in Algonac, MI and in FL.

Auntie Knickers said...

Eating Well and the Three Musketeers -- yup. Been there, done that. "Not that we are perfect, but we press on."