Friday, April 18, 2008

Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon...

...which is why our beloved Gertie went under the knife yesterday at the veterinary hospital.

The spaying went very smoothly, and the staff kept commenting on what a sweet, good-natured dog Gertie is; they couldn't believe she'd been a rescue pup. They were also chuckling over the helicopter mamas' concerns about Gertie being alone in the dark -- Gert has a phobia about this -- and our care package of a favorite quilt (with Gertie's full Christian name in Sharpie on the border) and her favorite squeaky toy.

Cassie was down in the dumps all day yesterday after FT took Gert to the vet's; this morning around 4:00-ish Cassie woke me up to go out, but instead of taking her morning constitutional in the woods she lay on the back steps and whined. A pensive Mollie the cat retreated to her hideaway in the "alligator room."

This morning while I was on my way to work FT went to fetch Gertie. Cassie was delighted, in her own supercool-Snoopy way, to see her dog-sister again. When the trio got home Mollie emerged from her lair at The Cottage and -- to FT's surprise -- made much over her puppy friend, with numerous kitty kisses and wubbins. (This is the cat who is usually either fleeing Gertie's goofy advances at full speed or smacking her canine antagonist in the face with a disciplinary paw, sending Gertie back on her fanny.)

The doc says no jumping or horsing around on Gertie's part for the next five days, the prevention of which is going to be a major feat. The rest of us should be so chipper after a GYN procedure.

Photo: Gertie pre-op, with friends Slipper, Ball, Tweety 1 and 2, Ducky Bubba and Stinky Squirrel.

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zorra said...

Get well soon, Gertie!

As if that wish were necessary. I knew a dog named Anna who was leaping over low hedges 24 hours after she was spayed. You're right, we should be so chipper.