Thursday, February 15, 2007

Three Yikes and You're Out

Maybe it's because we had so much fun with our decadent wine-and-cheese nosh Fellow Traveler got a call from one of our church ladies (for some reason I just don't think of myself as a church lady) informing us that, sometime last summer, we had signed up as volunteer cooks for the folks helping build our new sanctuary...and we were being assigned KP duty this Saturday. Twenty mouths to feed. After some instant-message consultation we found ourselves headed in the direction of meatball subs, tossed salad and brownies, with substantial help from our dear friends at Gordon Foods. Even so...yikes.

Meanwhile I just finished baking six dozen oatmeal cookie bars for my raffle winners -- half filled with Amish strawberry-rhubarb jam and half filled with the apple butter made at our church fundraiser this fall. Six dozen cookies -- because I got behind last month -- yikes.

And...late this evening I found a quiet moment to open my mail. One letter was from my healthcare provider. Earlier this month I'd gotten a second ultrasound of my female innards, and the deal was that if everything was swell I could cancel my next office appointment. There were no results given on the form, but a note from my doctor not to cancel my appointment. Yikes.

I'm going to bed now.


Beth said...

Prayers and blessings on the sandwiches, cookies, and innards.

LutheranChik said...

I tasted the cookie-bar crumbs, and they're awfully yummy. The strawberry-rhurbarb jam is from an Amish business called Alma's Comforting Foods -- love that name.

Rainbow Pastor said...

Oh, yikes, indeed, LC--good luck with the cooking and prayers for the innards!

hipastorzwife2B said...


Tom in Ontario said...

Have faith.

Saying prayer.