Saturday, February 03, 2007

For Your Viewing and Listening Pleasure...

Sitting here in the middle of subzero, zero-visibility, blizzard-hit mid-Michigan, mourning the demise of our cancelled Superbowl party while dog-sitting three stir-crazy canines...we needed a giggle.

Here's a great one , courtesy of my Canadian friend Dan at Culture Choc. I want a phone call from this lady too!


Bag Lady said...

Oh! I almost hurt myself laughing over the phone call.

Meanwhile -- three canines?

I hope your electricity holds out in the winter reality.

Quotidian Grace said...

OMG, still LOL. What a hoot1

toujoursdan said...

Just got home from Cuba a few hours ago. Sorry you guys are missing your party. Here in Canada, they blank out the superbowl commercials and substitute Canadian ones (just the usual ones - nothing exciting.)

If I can find my camera I will post some photos from my trip on my blog.

Deb said...

I needed tissues for that one.