Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Letter From Cody

Dear Bloggers:

Wow! I didn't know I had so many friends! I mean, there's my two lady human friends, and my boy crushes B and B, and Katie and Cassie and Molly, and Charlie the neighbor dog...but...gosh. It's good to be King.

I was very sick this sick and weak that all I could do was lie on FT's lap. She and LC talked about me -- this irritates me when I'm well; Hello! I'm sitting right here! -- but now they were speaking in quiet, sickroom voices. LC started to cry, and then she went away and came back rubbing her eyes and was using that fake-happy voice she uses when she's about to do something I won't like, like take me to the vet. I knew something was very wrong.

And they kept saying that V word: And looking very serious and sad. Even the big dogs, Katie and Cassie, who are usually kind of wild and silly at my house, were quiet. Cassie tried to cheer me up with her stuffed puppy, and when that didn't work she brought me a kibble. Then she just put her chin down on the sofa cushion and stayed with me for awhile. Katie is like a mom, even though I'm older than she is, and I knew she was looking out for me too.

Then...the ladies fed me some chicken soup. LC put some in the syringe she uses to feed me my yucky pink medicine, and shot it down my throat. I tasted it...and it helped me remember how much I like chicken. I love chicken. I let her do that a few more times. And then I slowly started eating more...a bit of hamburger here, a bit of sausage there. I felt stronger. The next day, when LC came home from work, I was even able to greet her the way I usually do, "Ah-wah! Ah-wah-wah!", which is Dog for her name. I ate some of FT's beef-lentil soup; it was really good, so good that I ate the lentils too and not just the beef. When I took my time eating, Katie came over and tried to share my beef (she may be like a mom, but she also loves her food); I let her know that I may be down, but I'm not out. The ladies laughed, and said, "He's back!"

Today I am feeling a lot better...a lot better. LC gave me a wash-up and I ran around the house at breakneck speed, the way I always do when I get a bath. And I had some kielbasa and round steak, and watched some TV. (What's up with that Katie Couric? Where's Bob Schieffer?)

Anyway...thanks to all of you for thinking about me. I'm lying here next to LC, but not in a sick way; I'm just waiting for her to get off the darn computer and go to bed. I wonder what I'll get to eat tomorrow -- maybe some more kielbasa. Good grub, a warm bed, two-legged and four-legged I say, it's good to be King.


Sue said...

Hello Cody,
I'm so very glad that you are feeling better now. You are definitely King!

zorra said...

Cody, I'm cooking kielbasa tonight. Amie will have a little piece in honor of your recovery. I'm glad you're better.

Rainbow Pastor said...

I am so glad you're better, Codeman!

Beth said...

Glad you're feeling better. I'm a fellow Bob Scheiffer fan.