Wednesday, September 27, 2006


LC's two-word review of this new television series: Blows chunks.


RuthRE said...

heh heh...i probably saw 5 seconds of a preview and that's the impression i got....glad you could confirm it :)

LutheranChik said...

Bet you didn't know you could stave off a radiation cloud with Visqueen and masking tape!

Oh...wait...that's what Homeland Security says too, isn't it.

Once again: Blows chunks. Although if they included sarcastic running subtitles, or maybe voiceovers by someone like Jon Stewart, it might actually be amusing.

Trish said...

Now that's an expression that isn't used nearly enough! Blows Chunks... It reminds me of the many times I have made a fool of myself while vomiting.... :) Thanks for the review. I guess I won't be disappointed that I work while the show is on now.