Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging

It's been one of those good/bad, yin/yang days. Bad: My engine began overheating halfway to work, at my relatively distant satellite office, necessitating a trip to a local garage where they couldn't really fix my problem but filled up my radiator so I could get home again. Good: I got a really fabulous haircut from my new favorite stylist, an exciteable magenta-haired young woman with a Valley-Girl-Comes-To-Upper-Midwest demeanor("I, like, so want to run my hands through your hair! Your hair is, like, totally fun to cut! I am, like, stoked to razor-cut the back! Kewl!"). Good: After a slow start, the leaves are really starting to color up nicely around greater Outer Podunk, especially outside my office -- lovely reds and oranges and yellows, all on one tree. Good: I'm going out for chicken wings tonight. Bad: I have a raging headache. Bad: I still have to drive home in the Vehicle of Doom. Good: I don't have to drive for the rest of the weekend.

My day is like the autumn weather: Successions of sun and cloud, cold and warmth, showers and clearings.

Anyhow, a poem: "Neighbors in October," by David Baker .


Questing Parson said...

If for nothing else, I seriously want to thank you. I've always wondered how to spell "Podunk." So many folks have accused me of being from there.

David said...

Valley girl meets upper mid-west, very interesting. Perhaps there is a new sitcom in the making?

And from the believe it of not file....last night I had a re-occurring dream that I was driving someone else's car and it was over heating. I stopped to put water in it, and after a little while it would over heat again. That was the cycle of my dream....stop, get water, go, over heat, stop, get water, go.......over and over again. Spooky!