Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm Just a Bird in a Guilted Cage

From Stacey at First Year Minister : The Guilt Meme

Culinary Guilt: I have a guilt trifecta:
salty, crunchy things
Buffalo wings
Explain Yourself: What's really cool is if you can double up on the guilt -- chocolate-covered potato chips or cashews, for instance, or Buffalo wings with crispy French fries. Chocolate-covered wings -- not so much.

Literary Guilt: True crime a la Ann Rule
Explain Yourself: I tell myself it's an example of the cosmic battle between good and evil, order and chaos. But it's probably just unhealthy voyeurism, like watching Entertainment Tonight. Which leads us to...

Audiovisual Guilt: Regis and Kelly
Explain Yourself: I only watch them if I'm home sick, and my other options are Sesame Street or a Ron Popiel infomercial.

Musical Guilt: The Rolling Stones
Explain Yourself: I know they're sexist and self-derivative and rapidly approaching self-parody. And I know it's only rock and roll. But...I like it.

Celebrity Guilt: Isabella Rossellini
Explain Yourself: In interviews she's very funny and down-to-earth. And I think she's a gal who appreciates a good meal.

If you're reading this...tag; you're it.

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Verdugo said...

Ohhhh... I love it!

Culinary Guilt: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
Explain Yourself: Well, I can't use the it's good for your heart thing, cuz I only like the milk-chocolate version. I have been known, however, to plead PMS when I'm truly jonesing for some Sees.

Literary Guilt: I am a recovering romance novel addict (10 years sober), now I just devour the short read-- theological journals, women's magazines, gardening mags, travel mags, news mags... you name it I've got one stuffed under the couch, in the car, in my purse...
Explain Yourself: It's like how AA meetings are always full of smokers... you have to substitute one somewhat unhealthy habit for the really unhealthy habit.

Audiovisual Guilt: Sex and the City
Explain Yourself: I only watch them behind closed doors.

Musical Guilt: Contemporary worship music
Explain Yourself: I know... but ...I like it.

Celebrity Guilt: Jake Gyllenhaal
Explain Yourself: Ooooh... need I say more? (And I haven't even seen "The" movie yet!)