Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Crash: See It

Outer Podunk has no movie theater; and the ones in surrounding towns generally do not show movies unless they feature talking donkeys or undead serial killers; so I'm usually several months behind the curve when it comes to things cinematic.

But -- in case you missed the film Crash when it first came out, See it. I finally did. It's a gripping exploration of the ways in which bigotry and classism permeate all our lives and attitudes, no matter what our ethnicity or our socioeconomic category. There are some ugly, disturbing scenes, and if you have children you should be warned that the language gets pretty raw -- but the film also has some profound redemptive moments. If you see it with other adults or older teens, you will have thoughtful conversations about it afterward.

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Luthsem said...

I loved the movie so much I bought it. It really makes you think