Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

We're in the midst of spring cleaning around here. We had our friend the professional housecleaner do a thorough clean last week, and this week we are tackling the yard and garden ourselves. Today I even ventured into Molly the cat's room, formerly the junior spare bedroom/office, stripped the sheets on her bed and threw them in the wash for the first time in nearly a year. (Molly is the the messiest kitteh on the planet, on a par with Bill the Cat in Bloom County, so removing her bedclothes resulted in a cloud of particulate -- hair, crumbs of mulch from around the house, Lord knows what else.)

As you may have noticed, I'm doing some spring cleaning here as well: changing up the blog template, rebuilding my lists-o-links. I'm also rethinking what and how and when I want to post here. But for now I'm likin' the minimalism of the new format; it feels like a new beginning.


Hope Lutheran said...

Less is Best....

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Well, since I'm still (STILL) on dial up, less is best for me too. I realize that when I open some blogs and web pages, they never fully open up. Plus my ISP is having issues, so sometimes it just doesn't download right. Or maybe it is just my computer.

I'm using the type of link list on blogger that shows me which blogs have been updated lately. That helps me know which blogs to check, but it doesn't seem as compelling as when bloglines tells me about a new posting.