Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, in true "Be careful what you wish for" fashion, my new hands-on holistic doc called me 8 o'clock sharp this morning. The doctor is calling me? I thought. .When's the last time that happened? Oh; yeah; never.

The doctor was reviewing my recent blood work, she said, when she saw something surprising. "You seem to have a serious Vitamin D deficiency," she told me. "A normal lab score for Vitamin D is 70. Yours was 17."

Here I was, in the middle of delighted wonderment at finally finding a proactive healthcare provider, only to be confronted by this alarming news.

The human body can absorb a decent dose of Vitamin D through relatively short periods of time outside. Despite my geeky ways, I am outside a lot. I also eat a lot of vitamin-fortified foods and D-rich fatty fish as well. I didn't get it.

The doctor explained that Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by a variety of things, not just diet or sunlight exposure, and also noted that this problem can factor into several serious health problems, including cardiovascular health, metabolic illnesses, certain types of cancer and depression. She then prescribed me 10,000 IU's of over-the-counter Vitamin D per day; a number I later learned many doctors and nutritionists want to make a minimum daily dosage for everyone.

Well. Now I have a handle on at least one piece of my metabolic puzzle. For that I'm grateful. And I'm grateful to my doctor as well.


Naomi said...

Like the new look! Also look forward to your postings-when don't see any for a while hope you are away having fun but worry that you may be ill. Cheers. Naomi

Gilly said...

Hope the big dose of Vitamin D is working! Sun is more fun, though!

Crimson Rambler said...

hope you're doing well on your new Vitamin D regimen...!!! Blessings!