Saturday, January 23, 2010

Florida, v.2

I am playing beat-the-clock on a complimentary resort computer -- spotty wi-fi here that I've not been able to access for more than 10 minutes -- here in Kissimmee. It's actually a nice, quiet, shady resort off the beaten path from Highway 192; just a little tatty in places, but that's okay.

This has been the un-theme-park, family vaycay, with every single day devoted to some activity involving family or relocated friends of Fellow Traveler. We finally got away this morning for a mini-date at a Chinese restaurant we discovered off the beaten path in a rather quiet, pleasant shopping center in Orlando, and a short drive around the original main drag of Kissimmee; FT called it "unplugged" Kissimmee.

FT and I wouldn't make good Floridians. For us the novelty of 75 degree January days, common northern houseplants the size of trees in the local landscaping and yards of Spanish moss are just that -- novelties; interesting but not something we want to live in the midst of. Son #1 and his partner are always lobbying for us to move south, but -- sorry, kids; ain't happenin'.

And, oddly enough -- we do not feel as physically safe here as we did in Brooklyn. We just don't. Nor do we feel accepted as a couple, really, anywhere outside Orlando, or even outside the gates of Disney World or Universal Studios or other haven of local creative types.

We always enjoy ourselves here. But we always enjoy coming back home.


Terri said...

There really is no place like home...and, frankly, I think my husband and I have found that we are northerners, so I think I understand what you mean about the overgrown houseplant....LOL

Tom in Ontario said...

We spent two weeks at Disney in the fall and I saw a number of gay couples there. It's not like they were necking in public or anything but they were there. I didn't notice anyone giving them a hard time. Too bad you're feeling unwelcome.