Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bible Study With the Church Ladies

Tomorrow I will be, in our pastor's absence, leading women's Bible study at our church. This venerable institution has been going on pretty much since World War I, and most of the participants are the true matriarchs of our congregation.

I recall, a few years ago on this blog, expressing my intense dislike of group Bible studies, so it's another indication of God's sense of humor that I have been tasked with this assignment. It helps that I enjoy the participants -- they're right-on women who take their faith seriously but can cut loose in a way that the uptight church ladies of my childhood did not. I think we'll have fun. Might learn something too.


altar ego said...

What I enjoy most about group bible studies is the interaction with the women. I think more relationship-building takes place than spiritual lives grow, but to me that's all part of it. Enjoy!

Pastor said...

I'd love, love, love to lead a Bible study with the group you've described! I've got a quilting group that is very much like that; they're a gift to me!

Mompriest said...

Hope you all had fun and enjoyed the time.