Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Exciting Day at the Church Office!

On my first day of summer office hours, I:

-attempted to do a truncated Morning Prayer in the sanctuary but was simultaneously flummoxed by my lack of a BCP and weirded out, for some reason, by the sensation of being there all alone;
-Played Chain Rxn on Facebook;
-tried to remember how to turn the overhead lights on in our old sanctuary, which is now our office and Sunday School space;
-ordered takeout from the cafe';
-waited for the phone to ring;
-perused the pastor's bookcase

Think 'Maytag Repairman Goes to Church."

I did finally receive a phone call, of some importance -- one of our senior saints fell, appeared to be significantly injured and was on the way to the hospital -- but the caller was one of the other lay ministers, looking for a relative, and when I asked if I could do anything she said no. I mentioned the incident to the gal at the cafe', who is also a member, and she said, "Oh, yeah -- we know." Which is how things work in a village this small.

At 2:55 the pastor called to ask how the day had gone, and I think just to talk. He is using part of his sabbatical time to fix the family cottage, so I shared our own tales of household improvement (we're putting in a new toilet even as I type -- I should say FT is putting it in, with me providing minimal tool assistance). He said he thinks this summer schedule is swell, and good training for all of us when he retires.

And that was it.

I think next week I'll be more prepared.

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