Saturday, June 06, 2009

Adventure Trip Weekend

This has been a weekend of adventure at our house.

Adventure #1 was mine today, as I headed to a meetup with a high school friend of mine who'd looked me up on Facebook some time ago and who's been keeping in touch with me since. Facebook may get a lot of bad press as a time suck and extended exercise in self-absorption, but it is a wonderful way to reconnect with long-lost friends.

This friend -- a fellow animal person who understood perfectly when I had to apologize for our nonfunctioning Gertie-mangled seatbelts -- and I had a wonderful scratch-cooked lunch at the Mulberry Cafe' in Clare and spent a couple of enjoyable hours just yakking, catching up. I have to say that life has a way of texturizing, of dimensionalizing, childhood friends that makes it a real delight to meet them again after a long absence.

Tomorrow morning Fellow Traveler and I are setting out on Adventure #2. We've had such a busy week, culminating in the last day of our extended garage sale today, that FT announced, "I wish we could just get away -- away away -- for one day and go somewhere we haven't been before." Excited by the prospect of avoiding the annual recitation of the Athanasian Creed, I said, "Sure!" We're pretty well traveled in our fair state, but neither of us knows a lot about Michigan's Thumb region, so that seemed like a worthy destination. We have no itinerary to speak of...we're just going to drive east until we find a good breakfast place, drive east some more until we reach Lake Huron, and then follow the shoreline until we decide to come home. Or something like that.


Auntie Knickers said...

I love Lake Huron, although my "visits" there have only been brief stops on the way from Minnesota to Maine or vice versa. And I also recently reconnected with an old high school friend via Facebook.

Sophia said...

Wow, Lutherans actually say that in church? I like to quote it, especially the part about the whole darn thing being incomprehensible, but don't think I have ever seen it used in liturgy.