Saturday, June 06, 2009

Assholic Christians Revisited

I know that I shouldn't, but like a moth to a flame or a smack addict to a needle I find myself drawn to the Crunchy Con . I've fairly successfully weaned myself of my morbid interest in other crackheaded Beliefnet Christian blogs (Reformed Chicks Blabbing -- what the hell is that mess all about?), but for some reason I keep going back to this one.

It's not even the posts, as aggravating as they usually are, that get me, but the responses.

Honestly, if I didn't know I'd miss Jesus if I jumped off the C bus, these people -- these misogynistic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, xenophobic, retrogressive people who seem to feel that they're the only worthy standardbearers of the Christian faith -- would drive me to neopaganism faster than you can say, "So mote it be."

I think I need to wear a rubber band on my wrist and snap it hard whenever I find myself navigating toward that website.


angela said...

OH, you are right. I'm glad I never happened there without warning. And I had to stop reading or I would have had to post.

I don't mind Christians having different variations of faith, but usually I don't have any difficulty getting them to see sense in the "Spirit of Ethics" and not the Literal Word. The post on the gay Lutheran Bishop--doesn't contain a bit of Christian openness and love at all. I've just not run into some of these militants. Scary. I did not save the link.

Jayne Webb said...

Love this - well said. An excellent blog altogether. I shall continue to follow this I relate totally to your values. Thank you.

John said...

For clarity's sake, could you tell us just exactly how you feel? LOL.

Joan of Quark said...

It's a dilemma - I don't want to isolate myself from all other points of view, but there are some really awful views out there, some places I go back to once in a while and others where you can read the news but try and remember not to scroll down to the comments by nutjobs who karnt tipe (whoah! too late!)

The "God will enjoy watching you tortured forever because you think a little differently to me, and so will I" types - shudder.

The other day my spiritual director was going on about how we don't have the obligation to respond or dialogue with everything; we can't change it all; etc etc.

Sophia said...

I have the same intermittent temptation with the Catholic nutjobs....Yesterday there was one, female yet, saying how terrible it is that the church now allows girls to be altar servers and grown women to be readers and eucharistic ministers. Cause then the girls will get uppity and think they should grow up to be priests and the boys won't want to be altarboys now or priests later because of the girl cooties and uppityness.

Let's pray for each other to avoid the near occasion of sin.....