Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Time For Tat

A welcome interlude in the midst of heavy stuff around here:

One of our parishoners is a gifted seamstress who's created many wonderful paraments for our church, including lovely Ordinary Time pieces embellished with rolling, textured landscapes of patchwork. While chatting with her about other things today she mentioned that she has a good bit of material left over from this project that she'd like to make into a banner, but was struggling with a theme.

I said I'd think about it. Our synod has been emphasizing earthkeeping, so between that thrust and this woman's other artistic creations for "green" Sundays I'm thinking something along the lines of "And God Called It Good," or "All Things Bright and Beautiful...The Lord God Made Them All"...something like that. Do any readers have any other ideas for our banner?


Beth said...

the verse in Psalms, about God making the seas just so he had a place to watch the Leviathan play. I'll look iot up later.

Trish said...

That part in Ps. 24-The Earth and all that is on it belong to the LORD.

Have fun!

Gilly said...

I saw a beautiful banner once, a sheaf of wheat, with all the seed bits done in raised work somehow, with "I am the bread of life" underneath.

Or that bit of Psalm about the hills clapping their hands!