Sunday, December 23, 2007

Coffee: The Third Sacrament

Hey -- ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson made it into a Newsweek special photo section, "Faces of Faith." As did his Rev-Run-worthy scapular. And as did his stainless steel coffee mug.

Coffee truly is our third sacrament.

(Hint to the PB: Try Fair Trade Ethiopian Yirgicheffe -- it's positively heavenly.)

Update: I forgot the link -- click on it now to see Bishop Hanson et al.


Diane said...

we do love our fair trade here... I'm giving some to one of my stepsons.

and of course, it is the LWR fair trade...

oh, and someday I'll tell my own little story of "coffee, the third sacrament." it was during an easter vigil.....

Rev Scott said...

Oh, how I laughed when I opened my copy and saw that picture. Thanks for reminding me to point others toward it.

An interesting show - is it bad that I was so proud of how the PB was one of the most eloquent speakers on the show?

Wishing you and Fellow Traveler a most merry Christmas.

imngrace said...

Did you see the special on CBS? It was pretty cool. And yes, the PB was the most eloquent speaker. Made me proud to be a Lutheran for once!