Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Can Take the Lutheran Out of the Potluck, But You Can't Take the Potluck Out of the Lutheran

This evening we're headed to a catered thank-you dinner that our church is putting on for everyone who helped, in any way, to build our new addition. What I find amusing is that, for the last month or so, the bulletins and Sunday morning announcements have reminded parishoners, "This is not a potluck. You don't have to bring any food. Please don't bring a dish to pass."

For any bettin' folks out there: What do you think the odds are that, when we get to church, we'll nonetheless find a few bubbling crockpots of sauerkraut and baked beans?


P.S. an after-thought said...

Let us know how this turns out.

When our church has pot lucks, they are almost always after church. We can smell the food the whole time we are worshiping. This was hard to take a few years ago when we had the long winded preacher.

Monika said...


gypsyalso said...

Few years back we were vacationing up north for a week in October and found a church for Sunday worship. We chose the week they had their Snowbird send off. All thru the services we could smell the saurkraut and sausage smells wafting thru the church. By time the service was over - we could barely contain ourselves with those wonderful aromas. Not one - I repeat - Not One member of that congregation greeted us and asked us to join them. We were not there for the meal - we were there to worship - but we sure wondered about the friendliness of that congregation. Next time we were thru town - we went another way.

Long Live Potlucks!

Lorna said...

:) so how many dishes were there? (grin)

gypsyalso I'm so sorry. it was thoughtless, unkind and exactly what Jesus would NOT have done.