Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Delicioso Leftovers!

I know that this isn't primarily a cooking blog, but I have to share a great recipe with you.

As Constant Readers know, this weekend we roasted a pork loin. It was a mondo pork loin; huge. We had visions of carving leftovers off of it for days, until we never wanted to eat pork again.

But today Fellow Traveler, inspired by a dish we like down at the local semi-Mexican tavern, diced up the leftovers and created the following:

Puerco Soft Tacos With Salsa Blanco

about a pound and a half diced/shredded roast pork
a half of a very finely grated/minced onion
one large grated/minced garlic clove
a little water or broth -- maybe half a cup

Simmer about 20 minutes or until the vegetables are soft. Meanwhile, heat on Medium:

1/3 cup salsa verde

Lower heat to Low; whisk in:

1/2 pint low-fat sour cream

Whisk until sour cream and salsa are incorporated and just warm.

Fold pork into warm torillas. Top with sauce. Sprinkle with Monterey Jack or other cheese of your choice.


Trish said...

Ha. I'm emailing this recipe to my sister right now! Thanks!

David said...

Wow this sounds good!

RevHRod said...

Oh, man! Now I am really hungry! Sounds delicious! Do I have any pork in the freezer? Hmmm.....

zorra said...

I didn't know y'all ate such things, up there in the frozen North. It sounds fabulous.