Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In Retreat

Fellow Traveler had a great suggestion the other evening.

"We should go on a retreat," she said.

The fact of the matter is, we've been so preoccupied with the incidental "stuff" of life that we're feeling a definite need to swim in the deeper end of the pool in terms of our wellbeing, spiritual and otherwise.

We weighed the option of "retreating" in the context of a group...but the idea of planning our own retreat was more appealing.
I found an excellent retreat outline here that I think is easily adaptable to what we have in mind, and that I thought readers here may also find helpful in your own personal or group contexts.

So now we have the what. The where I'm working on, but I think will be a quiet and friendly location in the northwest part of the state where we'll have the freedom to do our own thing. The when will be a little more difficult -- among the other incidental stuff of life, I just received a jury summons for later this month -- but we want to do this before the snow flies.

I'm kind of excited.


Pastor David said...

It is a wonderful - and a very necessary - thing to refresh and renew oneself at the "deeper end of the pool" (I love that phrase, btw). I hope you and FT are able to have a great retreat.

LutheranChik said...

Pastor D: I actually ripped that phrase off from Kelly Fryer.;-) (Who occasionally visits here, so...hat tip to you!)

MizM said...

This is great stuff! I am a Longtime Lutheran Lurker (actually, I could add another L modifier to that string, but that would just be overkill), and have recently found a few synchronicities in your topics. Game night, for one - which we've been trying to establish for a year, now. (Limited success.) And the need for a retreat. This guideline is just the ticket! Thanks. - MizM