Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Five: Hopes, Visions and Dreams

1. Think back to the time you left high school: What were your hopes, visions and dreams for your life/for the world?
Oh, this one is easy. I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore, tossing my beret in the air on the way to some exciting, creative job in the big city, then going home to a well-appointed career-gal apartment in a folkloric/historic old house.

2. Have those hopes, visions and dreams changed a lot, or are some of them still alive and kicking? (Share one if you can.)
Right now my major hope/dream/vision is feeling better. A new beret would be nice too, though.

3. Hebrews 11:1: " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. " Comforting, challenging or frustrating?
I'm reminded of the line in Baptized We Live that talks about clinging to faith even when there's no evidence that God exists or cares. A friend of mine noted, in response, "God, you Lutherans are a depressing people."

4. If resources were unlimited, and you had free rein to pursue a vision, what would it be?
I would love to find a way to earn a living in northwest Michigan, Fellow Traveler's and my favorite place in the state; find a nice, low-maintenance, un-fancy house with enough room for the four-legged children; and settle into a laid-back, crunchy-granola lifestyle.

5. Finally, with summer upon us- and not to make this too heavy- share your dream holiday....where, when and who with...
FT and I have talked about someday talking the the grand tour through New England and the Maritime Provinces. Might Vermont become the new Benzie County in our household consciousness? Hmmm.


Sally said...

laid back crunchy granola lifestyle- I love it!!!

Prayers that you will soon be feeling well again!

Kievas said...

I liked your rresponse to #3 and #4, especially.

Mary Beth said...

Feel better soon! :)

mompriest said...

I hope you feel better soon, and take that trip East!

Rhiannon said...

depressing maybe, but think of all those don't-tell-me-what-goes-in-them covered dishes we snotty Episcopalians would miss out on if we couldn't sneak over to "the dark side" every once in a while.

Good play, I hope you feel better and, because I can't resist...You're gonna make it after all!