Sunday, June 03, 2007

Booking It

Since my humble blog was recently visited by no less a Lutheran celebrity than Kelly Fryer (I am not worthy!), this is probably a good time to put a plug in for the devotional book Dancing Down the Hallway: Spiritual Reflections For the Every Day, cowritten by Fryer and Rimothy J. Ressmeyer, which was just delivered to our house.

Fellow Traveler was looking for a user-friendly devotional book with Scripture readings and meditations. Dancing Down the Hallway is divided into 52 chapters, one for each week of the year; each week features a Scripture reading, a kind of minimalist meditation based on the reading, a series of questions for reflection for the coming week, and space for journaling. We spent about an hour discussing the first chapter, and we found this so insightful and enjoyable that we think we're going to make this a household "family night" ritual, then do our own private reflection and journaling as well. It's a simple, but not simpleminded, book; and keeping it simple around here is what we nant to do in the weeks to come.

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