Friday, April 06, 2007

Hello, I Must Be Going

I have been tapped to lead a meditation on one of the "seven last words of Christ" today at our church's Good Friday service. Not having been to one of our midday services before, I have no idea what I'm doing, and when I asked my pastor his direction was, "Oh, do whatever you want" -- but I have about two more hours to pull the "whatever I want" together.

Let's see what happens.

I'd like to tell you about my church-tourist experience last night...maybe later.


Reverend Dona Quixote said...

It is almost noon as I read your blog ... I will pray for your worship leadership.

It is a high compliment if your pastor trusts you enough to say to you, "Oh, do whatever you want."

The Simpleton said...

I hope everything went smoothly.

I know whatever you did was thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Were you the tourist last night or were you observing someone passing through?

LutheranChik said...

Rev D: Thanks!

S: I think we were too worshipful to be was an interesting experience.