Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Poetry Bloggery

I am sitting here absolutely wallowing in remorse.

We have a new minor league baseball team in our area, the LA Dodgers-related Great Lakes Loons . The Loons' arrival here, and the building of the wonderful new Dow Diamond stadium to accomodate them, has been a rare bright spot in eastern Michigan's otherwise moribund economy and generally gloomy collective state of mind.

We have tickets for several Loons games. But a couple of nights ago Fellow Traveler called me to tell me that we had a last-minute opportunity to score some handicap-section tickets for the inaugural game at the Dow Diamond -- a totally big deal. Thing is, we'd just dug out of a late-season blizzard, with frigid temperatures forecast all weekend long.

I said, "Would you like to go?"

She said, "That's not what I asked. Do you want to go?"

Frankly, the thought of shivering in 30-degree weather for several hours didn't sound like a lot of fun to me, especially considering the thought of post-game arthritis misery, sinus headaches and the other consequences of two creaky middle-aged broads pursuing this type of recreation. I said:

"If you want to go, then I'm fine with going too."

We wound up not getting the tickets.

Today -- the game starts at 7:00 tonight -- the sun came out. The temperature must be a good 15 degrees above the projected forecast. Torrents of melting snow are flowing out of eavestroughs and into storm drains. It's a lovely spring day.

D'oh! D'oh! D'oh!

So -- here's a poem about baseball. It's the least I can do.


David said...

Former Detroit Tiger, Lance Parish is the manager of the Great Lakes Loons isn't he? You should get to see some good minor league baseball. I wonder who came up with the name though? The minors have some really good ones. Examples...Savannah Sand Gnats, Bridgeport Bluefish, Evasville Otters, Charleston Riverdogs, and my favorite minor league team, the Toledo Mudhens.

Breen said...

You could make a poem out of the names of minor league teams. Or a song, like David Frishberg's Van Lingle Mungo.

LC, that's a great poem. Thanks for the link.


P.S. an after-thought said...

The questions about Do you want to go, must be related to my mother.

St. Inuksuk said...

Too bad!!!
Course I hear it's Will Smama's fault for the blighted spring!
Frankly, I'm not a huge sports fan but I actually went to three Minor League Games last summer. Much nicer than the MLB game at the Big Stadium up in the city on the North Coast.
At the Minor League stadium (which is very, very nice in the middle of the city) you can actually see the players and catch the plays, without binoculars!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy them when Spring really gets here!!!!!