Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Nice Lutheran Boy

Many of you know Rick Steves as down-to-earth travel guide and affable host of PBS's "Travels in Europe." (My mother is a Ricknik who absolutely has to watch this program every week.) What you may not know is that Rick is also a member of the ELCA, whose faith informs his travel philosophy and social conscience. Steves has created a series of programs called Faithful Travel for the ELCA's "Mosaic Television." You can order these through the ELCA website. Good stuff even for armchair travelers.


bls said...

I saw a piece about him somewhere recently - can't think where. A 60-Minutes thing, maybe, or something. I guess he's really built up a huge financial empire out of this travelling thing. And he started way back in college by backpacking across Europe.

I saw him on PBS in Spain once, doing tapas. Mmmmm.....

LutheranChik said...

Mmmm, indeed!

I think I saw that episode...he was eating tapas, and Spanish dry-cured ham, and pig's ears, and the pickles-on-a-stick whose name escapes me.

Yeah, talk about following your cool is it to leverage a love of wandering around the planet into a really successful and fun career?