Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Five: Here's the Church...of My Dreams

Bonhoeffer may have looked askance at "wish dreams" of a perfect Church...but I don't think it hurts to periodically think about what sort of Church we would all like to be part of. And that's this week's RevGalBlogPals Friday Five Challenge. I'll keep it short and sweet -- discuss if you wish:
I want to be part of a Church that...

1. pays as much attention to the spiritual formation of its people -- laypeople and clergy alike -- as it pays attention to doctrinal and social issues.

2. aims for depth as well as breadth, on a multiplicity of levels.

3. says what it means and means what it says.

4. inspires people outside the Church to say, "If I were a Christian, that's the kind of Christian I'd want to be"...and follow up on that.

5. has enough confidence in its beliefs, practices and mission to live into the future without fear -- without falling into desperate faddishness, without equivocating in order to avoid conflict, without drawing its wagons into a circle, without giving up.

6. has potlucks featuring food groups other than sausage, sauerkraut, whipped cream and Jello. (I know...blasphemy. I suppose now I have to turn in my membership card.)


Choralgirl said...

Agreed...and omg, #6! Mirth.

Kathryn said...


I'd probably add something about a church who has care & concern for the environment, but only because our last one had ZERO concern with polluting (threw away 8-10 trash bags of plastic plates etc. - weekly).

Sally said...

Love ~'s 3 and 5...

as for 6, here in the UK that would be quiche and trifle..but still!

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Well said, well thought out.