Friday, March 26, 2010

Renewed, Refreshed Friday Five

Our RevGalBlogPals Friday Five is easy-peasy this week: What are five things that we do to refresh/renew/redo this time of year that is simultaneously crazy-busy for us yet also full of so much potential?

1. Massage. I cannot say enough about the restorative qualities of my monthly one-hour massage at the Freaky-Deaky Hippie Alt.Healthcare Palace. When I'm safely draped, and the lights dim, the ambient music clicks on and the therapist gets out her toolkit of interesting little aromatherapy vials...o mama. When I emerge from the Palace an hour later I am ready to change my life forever, yessir...start that yoga and tai chi, vegetarianize my diet, walk two miles a day. Unfortunately, the Palace is in the same city as our favorite restaurant.

2. Growing plants. As I write, I am champing at the bit waiting for my new grow light, wanting to get my tomatoes in the starters.

3. Adventure-tripping. Sometimes when we feel like we're spinning our wheels we get in the car and just drive somewhere we haven't been before -- which may be across the state or just across the county. It's not about shopping or eating out or sightseeing in a goal-oriented way. It also helps to live with a dog who loves -- who lives -- to ride. She doesn't care where.

4. Music. I'm funny about music. I often forget to listen to it; then I'll hear a piece of music that really speaks to my soul or energizes me, and I think, "Why aren't I listening to more music?" We're a two-iPod, Sirius-accessible, Pandora-bookmarked household, so there's really no excuse other than distracting, buzzy busy-ness.

5. Learning something new. I get jonesed learning things; I figure that as long as the old dog can learn something new about anything, there's still hope.


Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

yes...yes...yes...yes...wish I had a green-thumb.

Unknown said...

Seriously, about music, I don't seem to listen to enough. What's up with that? I'm podcast-obsessed, that's what. It must stop!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

goodness... with uhm a diner like that, i can see why you need to get in the car and drive, drive, drive somedays!